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14 March 2017

Orange ASEAN Factory

OAOn May 8th, the Dutch Embassy in Singapore will organize a three-week program that takes place at various locations in Singapore, themed ‘Orange ASEAN Factory’. This year’s theme is all about Sustainable Urban Development – with more and more people settling down in cities, urban sustainability requires us to take a closer look at the relationship of cities with their surroundings. Interested in becoming one of our partners?


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23 January 2017

Considering a single Dutch Business Organization in Singapore.

In the past year, the DutchCham and the Association of the Dutch Business people (ADB) have been exploring the possibility of an intensified cooperation, including the option to combine our two organizations into a single Dutch Business Organization in Singapore.  

Whilst we continue to explore and possibly plan for such a combination, it is important to note that your DutchCham membership benefits, terms and membership fee for 2017 will remain the same as in previous years. Should there be any changes in 2017, it will be likely that more events, more opportunities and a broader network will become available to you.

The ambition of the boards of DutchCham and the Association of Dutch Businesspeople is to combine the two organizations into one Dutch business organization as a merger of equals. The combination is to create simplicity and a broader base thereby increasing the relevance, effectiveness and the efficiency for members.

Also important is the impact of the Dutch Business community through the new organization on “Singapore Inc” (public and private sector), as well as on Dutch professionals based in Singapore thereby creating further clarity about how “BV Nederland” is organized and represented in Singapore.

It is important to note that no decision on any of these plans has been taken on either DutchCham or ADB side. It will continue to be our priority to carefully evaluate against the objectives of DutchCham and the interests of our members. We will keep you informed and solicit your input and thoughts as appropriate. Obviously, any decision of this kind will be subject to a members’ vote during our regular AGM or an Extraordinary General Meeting convened especially for this purpose.

Meanwhile, the Chamber will continue to grow steadily in relevance and impact and we would like to take this occasion to thank you for your continued support and commitment throughout the past year.

19 January 2017

Winsemius Awards 2017 open for sponsorship opportunities

bannerWebSponsorship720wPlease find below the sponsorship packages for the Winsemius Awards Gala en de Winsemius Seminar on “Collaborative Innovation” and do not hesitate to reach out to us for a la carte sponsorship opportunities.
Awards Gala Partners:


Category sponsors:


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19 January 2017

The first Singapore ASEAN Business Dialogue was held in Amsterdam

51a75d93-256e-4dee-b5ce-bace7c7f11cfOn 12 December, the first Singapore ASEAN Business Dialogue was held in Amsterdam; its main aim to connect Dutch innovative entrepreneurs to the world’s leading centre of economic infrastructure and growth opportunities: Southeast Asia and its main hub Singapore.



The room was filled with over 100 attendees, of which around 10 have shown interest to take part in the HY1 2017 trade mission. The speakers gave the audience practical tips & tricks, interesting insights and food for thought. The conclusive networking event was buzzing with energy, all in all, a great success! 


If you are looking for help setting your first steps into business expansion in Southeast Asia, or you are interested in the 2017 trade mission to Singapore, please have a look at our platform’s website Gateway To ASEAN and simply fill out the contact form. 

10 January 2017

ISEAS Publication: The Netherlands, Singapore, Our Regions, Our World: Connecting Our Common Future by Mark Rutte

mark-rutteThe Singapore Lecture is designed to provide an opportunity for distinguished statesmen and leaders of thought and knowledge to reach a wider audience in Singapore. The presence of such eminent personalities allows Singaporeans, especially younger executives and decision-makers in both the public and private sectors, the benefit of exposure to leading world figures who address topics of international and regional interest. [click for more]