About Us


Our Mission

To stimulate business for our members and to represent their interests to local stakeholders.


Our Members

Dutch companies and professionals based in Singapore and Singaporean companies interested to work with Dutch companies.



Our strategy is based on four clear objectives


Promotion of Dutch business in Singapore

The promotion of Dutch business towards Singapore business partners and government stakeholders is the first pillar of our strategy. Our promotional activities act as a catalyst to facilitate business prosperity in areas of economic development for Dutch business in Singapore.

What do we do?


  • Seminars and Conferences: sharing of best practices and areas of excellence from Dutch business to promote the brand “Holland” and to create future business opportunities
  • Dutch Business Awards: honouring and recognizing excellence in doing business by (Dutch) companies based in Singapore and their partners
  • Dutch VIP event: events hosting prominent visitors and corporate leaders

Various channels of communication

  • Monthly e-Newsletter
  • Website & LinkedIn group
  • Directory: sharing the profiles of all members
  • Public Relations (such as The Business Times and LinkedIn)



Advocacy for Dutch business in Singapore

We aim to coordinate the commercial and economic interests of our members for specific, relevant advocacy topics. Connecting and mobilizing across industries and sectors, and coordinating resources and expertise creates a greater critical mass that is more powerful than a single voice. It enables us to represent the interests of Dutch business in debates on topics like HR and Free Trade regulations.


What do we do?

  • Spot common issues/topics amongst members
  • Participate in EuroCham committees and build on the advocacy practices of other business organizations (among others the FTA EU and the EU-ASEAN chamber)
  • Encourage members to participate as a joint voice in debates with the government on shared issues



Business Support

We facilitate matchmaking between professionals in similar industries or facing comparable challenges. Experiences and best practices can be shared and smaller businesses are supported on their path of starting and maintaining a business. We collaborate closely with the Dutch embassy, often the first point of contact for new entrants into the Singapore market.


What do we do?

Communication materials

  • Provide new entrants with an information kit: How to start your business in Singapore
  • Continuously provide relevant and updated information on dutchcham.sg


  • Link and refer new entrants to existing members and specialized consultants
  • Link and refer new entrants to third parties
  • Organize cross-promotion


  • Newcomers’ event in coordination with all Dutch organizations in Singapore
  • Symposia on relevant topics for small & medium sized companies
  • Lunch and Learn sessions for new entrants to share experiences and knowledge



Business-to-Business sharing

We create platforms for Business-to-Business expertise sharing to support DutchCham members. The gathering of our Water, Maritime and High Tech committees are a great example of these learning opportunities. Our breakfast lecture series, expert speakers and panel discussions on current trends and markets provide helpful information and insight on the ever-changing economic and political landscape in South East Asia.


What do we do?


• Breakfast and Cocktail events

• Entrepreneurs Panel events

• Events with peer chambers and relevant seminars and conference


Committee events

• Company visits

• Common interest/topics meetings





Stakeholder management

DutchCham plays a pivotal role in the Dutch Business community in Singapore. We have a strong brand recognition and representation in economic and public circles and so excel in our influence.

Our close collaboration with the Dutch Embassy and other Dutch organizations as well as with EuroCham, Singapore International Chamber of Commerce (SICC) and Economic Development Board strengthens our capacity for a broad outreach and others.


Members management

A Chamber finds its origin in its members; therefore the members are its reason for existence. We are highly appreciative of the generous efforts of our distinguished orange, corporate and professional members who have helped us grow into a professional organization. We continuously engage with our members to ensure we are relevant and support them in the right areas. We seek active participation of the employees of our members in committees, events and discussions. DutchCham is an organization by members for members.


Who are our members?

We embrace a diverse membership, and actively grow our membership to the mutual benefit of new and current members.


  • Maintain a strong corporate related component (MNCs and SMEs) .
  • Welcome non-Dutch, though we mainly target Dutch businesses.
  • Welcome professionals, entrepreneurs, and other categories of individual members.
  • Identify changes in member priorities, identify how they value the DutchCham and uncover our weaknesses to correct
  • Monitor membership satisfaction and examples of concrete benefits arising from networking.
  • Further develop the membership to ensure that each addition to the membership strengthens the Dutch business community and the mission of DutchCham.