Startup & SME Academy

STARTUP SME LOGO-01DutchCham continues to support SMEs by providing a relevant platform to share experiences and knowledge, and expand their network. The overarching objective of the events and efforts are geared towards facilitating business for SMEs in an increasingly complex world.

Traditionally, DutchCham aims to enhance knowledge and spread relevant content for SMEs by organizing events with interesting speakers and expert professionals as well peers and experienced entrepreneurs.


In 2016 the DutchCham, Association of Dutch Business people (ADB) and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands have joined forces to organise a series of interactive events under the name Startup and SME Academy (SSA).


The goal of the SSA is to provide relevant content and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing for Dutch professionals that are part of the Startup and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) community in Singapore and for local stakeholders keen on working together with Dutch Startups and SME’s.


Every six weeks there will be a lunch or evening event, which will be led by one or more experts regarding a particular topic. Each session has the same structure: speakers that share their knowledge and experience, interactive group sessions and networking. There will be plenty of time for questions, discussion, pitch business ideas and receive on the spot feedback.

Startup & SME Academy committee members

  • Eliënne De Vries
  • Wouter Muis
    Bamboo Branding
  • Alfred Griffioen
    Alliance experts
  • Paula Kemp
    Banning Legal & Tax
  • Daniel Heerkens
  • Patrick Nelissen
  • Robert Jan Dettmeijer
  • Wenneke Vrugt
    Triple You Design
  • Gabby van Herpt
    Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
  • Hans Akerboom
    Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands



Eliënne De Vries:


Mirjam Hansen: