Circular Advantage – An Asean Perspective

Good to Read from Accenture Research:

Companies face a rapidly increasing challenge, and opportunity, to grow their businesses and create value amidst volatile and scarce supply of natural resources and environmental concerns, driving up prices and uncertainty.

Accenture research shows that leading organizations are now adopting circular economy models—decoupling growth from scarce resources and, thus, gaining a competitive edge (what we call a circular advantage), both globally and here in ASEAN. We believe that this is the answer: Circular Economy.


To understand and capture the full business opportunity of Circular Economy, top executives need to ask themselves tough questions on the opportunity, value, capabilities, technology and timing of their investments on the journey to Circular Advantage.


In this detailed report, Accenture identifies five new business models, 10 disruptive technologies and five enabling capabilities critical to capturing the circular advantage.


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