Accenture: Circular Economy

ACC_hpd_logo_.75x_Black_WRAs you might know: The Netherlands is holding the presidency of the EU in the first half of 2016.
Circular Economy is one of the topic that the Dutch would like to push, support and engage upon during this period.



Therefore Accenture has been sharing with us three ideas for you to engage with your clients on this topic:

1) Circular Economy Inspirational Trade Mission to The Netherlands from April 13th-April 15th.
2) An example of the Circular Economy Index that was launched recently.
3) The launch of the “Fair Infra” platform


1) Trade Mission

To show what businesses in the Netherlands already are doing with CE business models, a group of 20 companies has initiated the “The Netherlands Circular Economy Hotspot”-initative (NLCH). Accenture is one of the founding ambassadors. One of the goals of this initiative is to share experiences and market what already is taking place in the country below sea-level. Therefore NLCH is organizing a 3day trade-mission for all kind of businesses, governments and NGO’s. The program consist of a variety of presentations as well as visits to businesses, factories, living labs were CE is being implemented. Besides the travel and hotel, the costs for the tradesession are 500eur/pp. I would like to encourage you to have a look at the program (attached) and see if this event would be relevant for your client. If there is sufficient appetite, we can organize a sub-session/diner for our clients. We can support with drafting invitation letter etc.


2) Circular Economy Index
The Dutch Association of Investors for Sustainable Development (VBDO) published last week the first Circular Economy index for Dutch stock listed companies. The index is rather straight forward and compares the efforts of 52 Dutch listed companies to realize a circular value chain. The research was supported by Accenture. Although the report was designed for the Dutch listed firm, the index is applicable for all industries and firms. It provides an indication of your performance on circular economy as well as valuable insights for improvements opportunities. We’re happy to support you if you would like to initiate this in your country as well.


3) Fair Infra platform
Last week seven large infrastructure companies in the Netherlands (the five largest electricity & gas grid companies as well as the, the national rail company and largest NL telecom provider KPN), have officially launched the “Fair Infra”-platform. This cooperation between these mainly publicly owned organizations has the goal to reduce and ‘green’ their energy consumption as well as to accelerate the transition towards the Circular Economy. Together those companies have an annual spend of 2Billion eur on Cables, Meters, IT, and other components: therefore this collective approach is sending a clear message to both suppliers, as well as within the organizations, that these grid-companies take their social & sustainability responsibilities seriously. A great example within this coalition is the FairMeter project, in which 2 DSO’s joined forces to add circularity into the tender in the process to buy millions of smart meters. Accenture has/is supporting this initiative (PMO, Communications, Project initiation etc). Leadership that certainly needs to be followed abroad!


For questions/suggestions: contact Joost Brinkman, Lead at sustainability services at Accenture