6. Singaporean – Dutch cooperation

Please note, if your submission is nominated as a finalist, all answers will be downloaded on our website on the day of the gala and the answers to question 1 and 4, together with your logo, will be published in our gala program booklet.

1) Please provide a short summary of your partnership. (1000 characters; or approximately 200 words)

2) Please provide evidence of how Singaporean and Dutch cooperation lies at the heart of a beneficial relationship for each party? (2000 characters; or approximately 400 words)

3) How is Sustainable business behaviour and innovation evident in your business? (1000 characters; or approximately 200 words)

4) Considering your partnership, the environment in which it operates and your answers to questions 2 and 3: how have you created a competitive advantage that sets you apart in your industry? (1000 characters; or approximately 200 words)


Include company logo, graphs, figures and other supporting documents (limit to 4 pages)


General Information

Company name:

Contact person:






Deadline submission

Entry submission is due by Friday 10th of February 2017

If you have any enquiries about the process or appropriateness of a nomination, please feel free to contact Ruth Vietor by e-mail: ruth.vietor@dutchcham.sg