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Smoothing the onboarding experience


In January 2012, Appical started with the conviction that pre- and onboarding in organisations can be much more interactive, personal and cost efficient by applying mobile, gaming and video technology. Four key factors have been driving the company:

  • Most the companies do not effectively introduce their employees to their work environment
  • Onboarding is one of the most complex and critical challenges in managing talent
  • Onboarding is often procedure-driven and part of a legacy and more extensive software suite
  • Technology in HR is in its very infancy and training methods have not kept up with the pace of technology

Right from the start Appical’s focus has been to help companies drastically improve the onboarding and culture building experience for thousands of employees. The solution is accessible via a robust mobile platform that provides an interactive user experience and analytics on employee engagement. Since 2015, Appical has an entity in Singapore.


Appical identifies a number of drivers that shape the market for the company:

  • Over 85% of the employees are using mobile devices
  • Increasing mobility of the workforce: employees will make more transitions in their careers
  • The rise of the flex workers: companies prefer to be more flexible in their personnel costs
  • Centralization of the HR role and decreasing decentral HR presence

In Singapore, Appical is part of the Spring Initiative. Appical has been helping Singaporean companies to apply technology as an enabler for work efficiency. For example, through contributing to increasing the retention rate of personnel, and higher conversion rates with job applicants as 50% of the people applying for a role decide to work somewhere else.


Appical is a thought leader in the field of onboarding as Appical was the first employee-centric onboarding specialist active in the HCM market and has gathered experience in this field for years. As many of Appical’s competitors in the national and international learning space concentrate on covering multiple and, in most cases, all learning areas, Appical is confident that its clear focus on pre- and onboarding and recurring employee transitions will result in a significantly distinctive competence in the years to come. In addition, the gathered data from its customers offer a lot of potential for the future.



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Blending virtual meetings with face-to-face meetings


BCD Travel helps companies make the most of what they spend on travel. For travellers, this means keeping them safe and productive, and equipping them to make good choices on the road. For travel and procurement managers, it means advising them on how to grow the value of their travel program. In short, BCD Travel helps its clients travel smart and achieve more. The company makes this happen in more than 110 countries with over 12,000 creative, committed and experienced people. And it is how it maintains an industry-leading client-retention rate of 97%, with 2015 sales of US$23.8 billion.


A better workplace; a better world; and a better business. It is the mantra for BCD Travel where its team is dedicated to CSR in everything they do. The overall strategy aligns with this spirit, resulting in:

  • A better workplace: Every day, its people bring their creative and personal brand to life. They know their actions count and their views matter. BCD Travel gives them the tools, skills and outlets to build their “confident self,” because its success hinges on theirs.
  • A better world: From company initiatives like the Haiti Project to individual good works by employees around the world (like its Singapore support of Pertapis Childrens Home), BCD Travel believes actions go far beyond collecting money. Simply put, they express its passion for helping others.
  • A better business: BCD Travel offers products and services to improve security, wellness, productivity and safety for customers and their business travellers—from providing tracking and traveller outreach platforms in case of crisis to improving work-life balance for travellers through virtual collaboration services.

Sustainability is a focal topic for customers who expect their partners to be accountable for operating in a sustainable manner; it influences their decision to do business with a company—or not. BCD Travel is able to do good for its employees and communities, while differentiating itself from other TMCs.


A recent innovation—a partnership with Cisco on virtual collaboration (VC)—blends virtual meetings with face-to-face meetings. With an increasing adoption of VC into the travel programs of our clients, the company is now leading the way in putting collaboration technologies to use. It might seem counter intuitive for a travel management company to encourage virtual meetings. In today’s increasingly cost-conscious and time-conscious world, travel is not always the right option. If it is not, virtual collaboration lets the clients’ travel managers provide a reliable, effective option. BCD Travel is committed to providing comprehensive travel program management.





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Helping clients to make their businesses more sustainable


As the world’s leading Food & Agri bank, feeding the world more sustainably is close to Rabobank’s heart. Together with its clients, partners and colleagues worldwide, Rabobank wants to contribute to the four dimensions of food security: increasing the availability of food, improving access to food, promoting balanced nutrition and increasing stability.


Key elements of Rabobank’s sustainability strategy are supporting its corporate clients to help making their businesses more sustainable, making Food & Agri chains more sustainable worldwide by for example actively taking part in sustainability roundtables regarding Food & Agri chains, and playing an active role in the communities, which Rabobank is part of by connecting people and sharing knowledge. Implementing sustainability in all its services is a substantial task that Rabobank has been working on for some time. Rabobank’s ambition is to be the leading bank in sustainability.


Rabobank has been present in Singapore since 1986, providing customized banking and financing solutions to large and medium-sized companies and commodity traders in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. In addition, Rabobank Singapore provides support to Dutch corporate clients as they pursue business and investment opportunities in Singapore and in Asia. As the global leading Food & Agri bank, Rabobank’s clients value the bank’s in- depth Food & Agri sector knowledge combined with the bank’s extensive sustainability knowledge.


Rabobank has built up a wealth of knowledge about the food chain worldwide. Knowledge which is continuously expanded through its frequent contacts with its clients and its dedicated in-house Food and Agri research units, specialised bankers and partnerships with knowledge centres worldwide. This knowledge is shared with clients and other stakeholders to further develop their businesses and the Food & Agri sector. The bank also shares its global network with its clients and partners, spanning the entire food chain including influential stakeholders such as governments, knowledge centres and NGO’s. Rabobank actively brings partners and relevant stakeholders together and taps into its networks whenever and wherever needed to accelerate business.


In terms of sustainability, Rabobank is engaged in various international round tables, in particular related to the ten large Food & Agri production chains. Rabobank brings in its expertise and strives to translate the results of these round tables to clients so that they can include the drive towards sustainability in their business plans. With its focus on long-term relationships, Rabobank is a stable financial services provider for its clients.



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