Finalists Category Small Business Rising Star Winsemius Awards 2017

Blue Wireless


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With a guaranteed flexibility leveraging multiple networks across multiple countries


Blue Wireless is a Wireless Internet Service Provider (ISP), serving enterprise customers in Asia Pacific with 4G based connectivity to securely connect branches and offices. The company started in 2015 in Singapore and has since then established presence in Sydney and Hong Kong and provided service in 16 countries across Asia Pacific. Today, Blue Wireless serves a range of Government Agencies (e.g. National Parks in Singapore), Multinationals (e.g. DHL) and other Service Providers with flexible, on- demand internet access for their businesses.


Wireless Internet Access is inherently much more sustainable as it reduces the amount of wiring, construction, travel and work required to deliver. All its equipment is on a rental basis, which means that as business locations change, it is re-used at other locations. Besides business centres such as Singapore and Hong Kong, Blue Wireless has connected remote business locations in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and is working on Myanmar. Locations where fixed line infrastructure is often lacking and wireless technology provides much needed connectivity.


The Telecommunications- and Internet Services industry continues to see enormous growth and continues to transform as we move to a cloud-based, wireless way of working. Blue Wireless is the first network independent wireless ISP leveraging multiple networks across multiple countries, giving its customers unique flexibility for their business. Through its network of installers (called Blue Wireless Alliance), the company has local resources trained to support customers locally, while still providing consistency in the service experience. Overall, Blue Wireless has at least a 2-year head start compared to any new entrants in its segment.



Compass Digital








A mobile solution as a game-changer for the industry


Compass Digital is an early stage company based in Singapore, established in 2016. It provides software applications that are used to manage the construction progress and inspection of industrial assets and machinery. Its primary focus is on bringing mobile applications to the offshore maritime and energy sectors in Europe and Southeast Asia.


The founding team has deep industry experience in engineering and project management, with a distributed team spread across Singapore, Netherlands, and India. Large EPC firms and an oil major have deployed Compass Digital’s software with demonstrable improvements to quality and efficiency. Obsessed with making the complex simple, Compass Digital is driven by the men and women who promote quality, efficiency, innovation and safety in challenging industrial environments.


Compass Digital has deliberately taken a “mobile-centric” approach to the way they work with industrial partners. They recognized the tremendous amount of untapped knowledge that exists within the industrial field-based workforce, and the fact that heavy industries and harsh operating environments are often overlooked by many technology firms. Thus, many industrial businesses are operating decades behind other industries from a technological perspective. Although many of these firms have developed very sophisticated processes and tools within the office, much of their work occurs outdoors on construction yards using paper. Compass Digital’s software competitors have taken an office-centric approach. However, the company believes that the workforce is mobile, and that its “app first” approach is a key differentiator.


Compass leverages both its team and product as a complete service offering. Its team applies past industry expertise and cultural background to understand the unique needs of its clients and ensure relevant benefits are delivered. The mobile tool is the leader in its market, it is “the most digitized way to prepare and sign off both check sheet, punch list and handover documents” and has been recently been described as a “game changer for the industry” by both the Division Commissioning Manager and the Document Controller of a multi-billion-dollar company.








Going from analog to digital


Otonomos was founded by a team of ex-Wall Street disillusionists, along with hard-core blockchain coders and smart contract engineers. Otonomos is passionate about taking blockchain and its capabilities to a wider audience.


Today’s companies run on analogue rails, causing unnecessary friction. Otonomos is seizing this opportunity to change that using blockchain technology. Whether you are an entrepreneur wanting to start a business, an investment vehicle, a venture capitalist, REIT, or a start-up, Otonomos’ services can help transform the way that you do business. Otonomos helps to fill that void and does it all the way from company formation to governance and ultimately funding. Otonomos allows for disintermediation of traditional corporate services. Once Otonomos has assisted with the company incorporation the dashboard platform allows users to be able to view their company in real time and easily manage all corporate governance duties. The online dashboard allows all stakeholders to have important documents in one central location to facilitate records keeping and compliance. Due diligence processes are simplified and made more secure using its technology. Otonomos’ success in its current jurisdictions has demonstrated strong interest from well-established professional investors and entrepreneurs in being able to easily form a company online.


For the future, the company has big plans. Currently, Otonomos is looking into expansions to other regions such as the United States so as to promote its solution to other areas and industries. As the online dashboard platform continues to grow and develop, additional capabilities are being built up to meet user needs. Otonomos also hopes to continue educating the industry about the incorporation of new technology to improve corporate services overall. With further development of smart contracts and increased adoption of blockchain technology the platform will continue to grow.


Lastly, Otonomos wants to continue working on ensuring that all its clients have access to basic banking services. Setting up a bank account is still a process that is filled with friction. Just like Otonomos’ vision that companies should not be bound by jurisdiction, the same holds for bank accounts. Clients should not have to worry about geographical location to access their funds while at the same time ensuring AML and KYC compliance. A current project that Otonomos is working on is concerned with a system where clients will have a “debit card” with fair and low transparent fees, including an IBAN, to use as a treasury solution for their company.



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