Health Committee

The Health Committee was newly established in July 2017, and aims to be a community for Dutch, Singaporean or other residents with an interest in the health and wellness sector while working in Singapore and beyond.


Singapore’s and other Asian countries’ rapidly aging populations require agile and innovative health care systems. The Dutch experiences with strong primary care, integration between home, community, hospital, mental health, rehabilitation and palliative care, and value-based delivery systems (including patient-reported outcomes and bundled payments) provide potential learning, academic exchange, and business opportunities.   


Among other approaches, telehealth, design thinking, robotics and (serious) gamification has strong track records in the Netherlands. Dutch professionals, government, academia, and are ready to share their insights and thereby support the evolvement of healthy people, healthy business and healthy populations.


Although the format of this community will evolve over time, based on joint needs and experiences, it is initially and primarily intended to build a strong network and to share best practices and common issues.


Topics for 2018:

  • Integrated Care
  • Health Technology
  • Diabetes
  • Dementia
  • Gamification

Committee members

  • Dirk de Korne
    KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Chair
  • Marloes de Wit and Juul Gielens
  • Fredrik Knoeff
    ACCESS Health International
  • Liaw Wee Tong
    Red Element Health International
  • Marieke Bink
    Cycling Without Age
  • Olga Lim
    Raffles Hospital
  • Trung Tran
    Touchless Industries
  • Susan van Boxtel
    Holland Innovation Network / Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Resources and links

Ministry of Health Singapore

Agency for Integrated Care

Economic Development Board Singapore, Healthcare

Health Promotion Board

Smart Nation Health

Integrated Health Information Systems

Agency for Care Effectiveness



Dirk de Korne: