Logistics & Supply Chain Committee

The Logistics & Supply Chain Committee aims to be a platform for discussion, information sharing and networking for all Dutch and Singaporean companies related to logistics and supply chains. This includes logistics, transport, freight forwarding and the supply chain service industry in Singapore and the Netherlands.

Logistics is an area where we see many changes happening: logistics has evolved from a simple movement of goods from A to B to being part of the integrated view of how to manage the flow of goods from supplier to final consumer. The only way to stay at the top is through continuous learning, innovation and collaboration. The Logistics & Supply Chain Committee is supporting this through our key objectives.


 Key objectives

  • Enable best practice and knowledge sharing between members and industry experts on key market trends, regulatory developments and business opportunities in the logistics & supply chain industry of Singapore and the Netherlands

  • Promote our members’ expertise in this sector

  • Develop DutchCham as the first point of contact for Singaporean companies with an interest in the Dutch logistics business, and for Dutch companies that want to have a presence in Singapore

  • Become the focal point to identify and raise industry-wide concerns and challenges at the relevant government bodies (in either Singapore and/or Netherlands)

Committee members

  • Luc Kremers
    ORTEC, Chair
  • Hannah Nguyen
    C. Steinweg Warehousing
  • Frank Debets
  • Rick Ligthart
    Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
  • Astrid Seegers
    Holland Innovation Network / Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Year Plan 2017

  • February 7: Visit to Commonwealth Capital state-of-the art cold storage facility in Jurong
  • March: Urban Logistics looks at keeping traffic flows manageable and sustainable in Singapore’s dense urban areas. In collaboration with leading Singapore universities, an overview will be given of latest research and practical applications through pilots.
  • May: E-commerce and the impact on logistics fulfilment: With people ordering more online, logistics fulfilment has to grow and mature accordingly. A number of startups have targeted this space, and they will share their insights and lessons learned
  • September: China’s new Silk road (One Belt One Road) – impact on SG: China is investing in the development of a new Silk road to connect it with Europe. Transport and logistics experts will share their views on what will be the impact on Singapore

Resources and links


Luc Kremers: logistics.committee@dutchcham.sg


Mirjam Hansen: mirjam.hansen@dutchcham.sg