Review of the Winsemius seminar: Collaborative Innovation

W-Seminar2017-v4The Importance of Collaboration and Innovation in the Digital Economy


Understanding how collaborations affect the innovation chain was the main question of this debate at the Winsemius Seminar 2017.

The session kicked-off with the key note of Mr Timo Kansil, Assistant Director of the INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation (IGCI)


Moderator prof dr Robert Kooij led 4 panel members from a diverse group of experts through 4 angles of this collaborative innovation eco-system.

Mrs Femke Hellemons, Country Manager for Adecco was the first panel member who shared her views on the importance of collaborative innovation in the field of Human Capital. Today’s challenge is to have the business productivity keeping pace with the technological progress. It creates gaps and ‘mismatches’ of skills. A deeper collaboration between TAC’s, unions, employers, and education institutions is needed and each stakeholder should take a clearer ownership of the current challenges, claimed Femke.


Ms Herry Cho, Director Capital Structuring & Advisory, Sustainable Finance Lead Asia at ING was also clear on the weight of innovation in the grounds of sustainable finance. A collaborative online funding platform like the Sustainable Finance Collective Asia (SFC Asia) could accelerate the funding of sustainable projects on circular economy, sustainable energy and positive social impact. According to Herry SFC Asia is a platform that enables financial solutions efficiently under one roof.


Mr Ashwin T. Chari, Head of Strategy & New Business Development at Philips gave his pitch on the importance of collaborative innovation in health care technology.

The traditional care models will not be able to cope with the relentless growth in health care demand as chronic diseases are increasing and populations are ageing. Ashwin believes the solution can be found in digital led innovations and collaborations with non-traditional players. Companies without this open innovation mindset will be left behind.


Dr. Michael Dinh, Founder and Managing Director at Singalarity has a decade and a half of experience in developing and managing leading-edge technology projects. He understands the hidden secrets of cyber security, technology assurance, big data and software & system assurance. In his pitch, he made his point clear ‘things can’t be smart without being secured’ as a system is as strong as its weakest link. As a specialist in security, he interprets collaboration as a necessity to ensure a total defence.


After this interesting and engaging panel discussion, there were plenty of opportunities for networking amongst our guests and speakers.


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