Seminar on setting up a business in Iskandar Malaysia – a practical approach


Date: 13 May 2015

Time: 2.30pm – 5.45pm (Registration begins at 2pm)

Venue: 2985 Jalan Bukit Merah, Auditorium Level 2, Singapore 159457

Participants fees: $10 (members of SMF, GS1 & Supporting organizations); $20 (Non-members)

The Singapore Manufacturing Federation is proud to bring you our latest seminar on “Setting Up a Business in Iskandar Malaysia – A Practical Approach” under our Business Expansion Programme to Iskandar Malaysia. This seminar differentiates itself from other seminars with similar namesake primarily due to the “practical approach” that is going to be focused in this round. I am sure we have heard all the policies, advantages and benefits of expanding into Iskandar Malaysia from various authorities and government bodies. However there are always 2 sides to a coin and the same applies to an overseas venture, even a very near one.

In this seminar, we aim to highlight and hopefully shed some light and address some of the problems & issues companies face when they venture into Iskandar Malaysia. With this in mind, we have in our panel of speakers a diverse group of people from market analysis, taxation, accounting, company secretarial, employment & utilities; people who run the ground and make things happen. Among the problems that they will try to share and address are: 

–          How is Iskandar Malaysia doing currently?

–          Incorporation of company, tax issues & incentives in Malaysia.

–          How to structure your company to benefit from the existing tax structure?

–          Difficulties in finding employees in Iskandar Malaysia and how to address them

–          Hiring foreigners in Iskandar Malaysia

–          How much savings can you get by operating out of Iskandar Malaysia? 

 At the end of the seminar, there will be a consultation session with the speakers and their associates, therefore we urge participants to take advantage of this opportunity and find out more as these information may be crucial in your journey to setting up a business Iskandar Malaysia. Further information is available in the attached circular cum registration form. Seats are limited and are on a first-come-first-served basis, so hurry up and sign up now!

For registration or enquiries, please contact: Mr. Alec Soong @ DID: 68263028 / Fax: 6826 3068 / Email: