South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesk

images-1It is a brand new start of the second phase for the Helpdesk. First of all, they have changed the name from the ASEAN to South-East Asia IPR SME Helpdesk to indicate the geographical scope of their services and activities much clearer. Second of all, the Helpdesk team has been strengthened with new team members on the ground in Brussels and Bangkok to be able to better assist EU SMEs still in Europe and those already in South-East Asia.

The Helpdesk continues to promote its key message “know before you go” while acknowledging that the origins and business destinations of the target SMEs are diverse. To this end the helpdesk continues to organise frequent webinars that can be joined for free from anywhere in the world. Our upcoming webinars will focus on specific industries most relevant to each country in South-East Asia, such as the garments industry in Cambodia and Vietnam.

The Helpdesk is also increasing its online presence and stepping up its efforts to directly reach the European business community. So now you can follow the helpdesk on LinkedIn to find out about the most recent updates. It also gives you the opportunity to comment or give feedback on the Helpdesk’s latest posts. To follow the Helpdesk click here.