The Association of Dutch Business people (ADB) and the Dutch Chamber of Commerce announce merger

1 Jan 2018 : 12:00 am

ADB-DutchCham merger2 leading Dutch Business platforms in Singapore join forces to create 1 new organisation


The Association of Dutch Business People (ADB) and the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (DutchCham) are pleased to announce their merger of equals creating a new organisation ADB-DutchCham that will evoke a stronger and united voice for the Dutch business community and anyone interested in the Dutch-Singapore alliances in Singapore.


The new organisation will represent 16 Orange members (mostly Dutch MNCs), 100+ Corporate members and 350+ individual members, which will result in a reach to 800+ professionals.


President of DutchCham, Ad Ketelaars explains the reason behind the merger: “With this merger our goal is to strengthen the representation of all Dutch Businesses in Singapore, together businesses can achieve greater success.”


President of ADB, Joep Ottervanger said: “We are happy to bring the two organisations together. By bundling the strengths of ADB and DutchCham we will have a deeper impact on the Dutch-Singapore business community and will bring more value to our members.”


The new organisation will become effective as of 1 January 2018.
ADB-DutchCham will be committed to connecting businesses and creating business opportunities. It also aims to provide a platform for member companies to showcase their particular skills or knowledge in their area of industry to contribute and facilitate aspiring companies to set up their businesses in Singapore.


The new organisation will continue to focus on topics like innovation, sustainability and water management, as these are areas of excellence for the Dutch Business community in Singapore.


The ADB was formulised at Registry of Societies (ROS) in 1990 and the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (DutchCham) was established in 2008. Currently, the DutchCham and ADB are non-profit organisations. The new organisation ADB-DutchCham will follow the same structure.


For more information contact:


Ad Ketelaars
President Dutch Chamber of Commerce Singapore


Joep Ottervanger
President ADB

1 Jan 2018 : 12:00 am


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