What does DutchCham stand for?

​DutchCham informs, connects, and inspires professionals and companies in Singapore with a shared interest in Dutch business.


Our members have access to our strong, engaged and active community for both Corporates and Individuals to network and exchange knowledge with peers. We organize informative and inspiring events and offer relevant content, trends and insights to succeed and lead in Singapore.

To make sure that we offer our members what they ask for and it is easy for you to select the kind of event you are interested in. We can offer you a choice of three different kinds of events:

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We believe in the power of community. As a member, you gain exclusive access to a dynamic network of like-minded professionals and businesses, offering you unlimited opportunities to network, share insights and exchange knowledge.

With over 60 events every year, we give you ample opportunity to connect with fellow professionals, and therefore strengthening your network. Think of… the Winsemius Awards, multiple cross-chamber events, the New Years Reception and many many more networking events!

Our Orange Members also get a seat in the exclusive ‘Orange Council’, in which they connect with over 20 C-level peers.



Through our events and online channels, we deliver valuable insights into the latest developments in business, innovation and policy. Our guests speakers offer firsthand knowledge and analysis, equipping our members with the information they need to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving world.

You can always ask us for help, and we will make sure to inform you about partners, members or opportunities that might be able to solve your challenges.

We also operate with 7 expert committees who organise events in their own expertise, to exchange knowledge about current topics.



DutchCham curates an inspiring calender featuring events like expert panels, company visits, economic outlooks and creative workshops, all aimed at inspiring our members. We strive to empower individuals to lead and succeed in Singapore. Through thought-provoking sessions and showcasing pioneering initiatives, we provide practical insights and connections with visionary leaders.

Together with you, we cultivate an environment where innovation thrives, enabling our community to seize opportunities and drive personal and professional growth.



Our history dates back to 2018 when a merger between the Association of Dutch Business people (founded in 1990) – which targeted individual professionals – and the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (founded in 2008) – which targeted companies – was finalized. We joined forces to offer an interesting range of activities for both professionals and companies ranging from formal corporate events to informal social gatherings. With this merger we aim to strengthen the links between those interested in Dutch business, to facilitate business links between Dutch and Singaporean companies, and to represent Dutch businesses in Singapore.​

Through collaboration, we can all achieve greater success. DutchCham is dedicated to fostering connections, sharing insights, sparking inspiration, and creating new opportunities for growth.