Sustainable Business Committee



The Sustainable Business Committee is an initiative aimed to network amongst professionals and to share knowledge and information on how to drive business performance in synch with making a positive impact on the environment and society in ASEAN, Asia and beyond. 
With a growing world population nearing 9 billion people, a complex of global societal and environmental challenges need to be addressed now. Not only the scarcity of resources like raw materials, energy and water but also social inequality, health, well-being, the ageing population and climate change are amongst the issues that provide significant threats AND opportunities for businesses. Companies, governments, not-for-profits and academia have a crucial role to play in this process of transformation. Innovative  products, services and entirely new collaborative business models that address our global sustainability challenges are the way forward to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals and to make global improvements at pace and at scale. 


Dutch companies are leading the way in sustainable business and are very active in further expanding, locally adapting as well as sharing their experience in platforms such as the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD, or BCSD), the Dutch Sustainable Growth Coalition (DSGC), the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Singapore.


Committee members

  • Ghislaine Nadaud
    ABN AMRO, Chair
  • Amita Chaudhury
  • Christina Celestine
  • Mitchell Leow
  • Oscar Wezenbeek
  • Tai Djoe Lim
  • Shayne Prashan
    ING Bank
  • Jason Leow & Jason Plamodon
  • Ashwin Subramaniam
    Gone Adventurin
  • Marc van Loo
    Loola Adventure
  • Liesbeth Kanis
  • Nadim van der Ros
    Be an Idea
  • Susan van Boxtel
    Holland Innovation Network / Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Year Plan 2017

  • January: Breakfast meeting on Water at Rabobank
  • April: Breakfast meeting on Human Rights at Brill
  • June: Breakfast meeting on Tri-sector collaboration
  • October: Breakfast meeting on Packaging and waste management at Unilever

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