The Awards

The Winsemius Awards aim to identify, celebrate and motivate companies who foster collaboration between Singapore and The Netherlands and are able to influence and guide their company and/or industry for the wider benefit of the Singaporean and Dutch interests. Regardless of the size or branch of the company, all participants of the Winsemius Awards are judged purely on merit. This inclusive and diverse approach enables us to ensure that only the most deserving are acknowledged. Membership of DutchCham is not a pre-requisite for entry.



  1. Winsemius Red Orange Award
  • This Award highlights the importance of the long standing and ongoing relationship between The Netherlands and Singapore.
  • This Award recognizes the importance of effective business relationships and collaborations within and across business disciplines to tackle challenging issues.
  • This Award wants to celebrate business collaborations which highlight what is working and what is possible when diverse companies come together to achieve a shared goal.
  • This Award recognizes a companies’ ability to create value by its collaboration for the benefit of both the Singaporean as well as the Dutch business community.
  • This Award can either be self-nominated by an organization, nominated by another organization or two collaborating organizations. The organization(s) that is (are) nominated must be (a) Singapore-registered business(es). The organization(s) must be either a Dutch company, have a branch in the Netherlands or have significant business ties with the Netherlands or a Dutch organization in Singapore. See qualification criteria.

The nominees for the Winsemius Red Orange Award:


  1. Winsemius Outstanding Business Achievement Award
  • This Award celebrates the success of an organization and honors its business performance, longevity, development of a new direction, business growth and/or any significant innovations with tangible results and benefiting Dutch Business in Singapore.
  • This Award recognizes companies for outstanding, innovative products, services, projects and programmes demonstrating the organizations leadership and resilience in these unprecedented times.
  • This Award also recognizes a company for its ability to achieve outstanding business results by creating an innovative breakthrough or developing a disruptive business or building back better.

The nominees for the Winsemius Outstanding Business Achievement Award:


  1. Winsemius Community Impact Award
  • This Award recognizes and honors companies’ commitment to positively impacting any of the Singaporean communities with tangible results.
  • This Award should demonstrate the company’s leadership and commitment in acting inclusive and creating a significant financial, social or environmental value for the benefit of a community.
  • This Award will honor those companies which made significant outreach efforts that serve to uplift the community, specifically by promoting strong ethical and social leadership and integrity.

The nominees for the Winsemius Community Impact Award:




To be eligible for any of the Winsemius Awards the following qualification criteria must be met:

  • Dutch organizations entering must have a (legal) entity and conduct business in Singapore
  • Singaporean organizations entering must have ties to the Netherlands and/or conduct business in Singapore with at least one Dutch organization.
  • Driving sustainability
  • Acting in an ethical manner
  • Embracing inclusiveness and diversity
  • Compliance with local law and legislations
  • By entering the Winsemius Awards organizations and individuals comply to the usage of their materials on social media and other means of communications via DutchCham for Winsemius purposes.



Per award a jury of 4 well-informed and skilled professionals with relevant backgrounds judges the applicants and nominees in an honest, unbiased and unprejudiced manner. All jury members sign a  Code of Conduct. Each jury consists of:

- 2 professionals from the DutchCham community members

- 1 Embassy of the Netherlands professional

- 1 Singaporean professional

Applicants will have to go through a preliminary round of evaluations by the jury based on an application form. Three finalists are shortlisted in each award category and they will deliver their case to the jury.

The voting process is a combination of the jury vote and the collective DutchCham members vote.


PHASE  1: APPLY NOW (28  June - 1 September)

Enter one of the three categories by submitting your filled out entry form online via the link below. The information requested includes: name of the organization(s) submitting a nomination, address, contact details, category, year of establishment in Singapore, role of the Singapore office, number of employees in Singapore, number of employees in the Netherlands, number of employees worldwide, number of branches globally, website URL, a case title and a write-up with a minimum of 400 and a maximum of 800 words about the case including compelling argument why the case should be selected for a Winsemius Award.

There are no costs related to entering in Phase 1. However, by entering, applicants commit to Phase 2, which means that in case they are shortlisted, they agree to:

  • Delivering of materials for Phase 2.
  • Commit to purchasing 2 seats at the Winsemius Award Dinner (total cost of 750 SGD).
  • Additional seats will be allocated according to availability at regular prices. Should the nominee already have seats, the reserved nominee seats will not be granted and the commitment becomes void.

An expert group of jury members (4 jury members per category) will review all applicants. This is known as the end of Phase 1.



PHASE 2: SHORTLISTED ENTRIES (22 September - 19 October)

Per category 3 entries are shortlisted and will receive the invitation to deliver their case to the jury. The invitation can contain additional questions for the nominee to provide the jury with and documents supporting the case. Nominees have 4 weeks to submit the second part of their entry, known as Phase 2.

The deliverables are:

- A 90 second pitch video about the case. This video will be posted online and DutchCham members will be able to vote for the video.

- An extended write up about the case and why the organization(s) should win the award.

- Other relevant documents the jury needs to make an informed decision.


PHASE 3: WINNERS REVEALED (23 October - 1 November)

An expert group of jury members (4 jury members per category) will review the video, write-up and additional documents of the shortlisted applicants to reach an informed decision on the jury vote(s).

DutchCham members are invited to vote online for the shortlisted candidates. DutchCham members can cast one vote per category via an email invitation to vote. Professional Members get 1 vote. The 4 nominees per Corporate Member get 1 vote each. The 10 nominees per Orange Member get 1 vote each. Applicants are not allowed to offer compensation to voters for casting their vote online. The online voting period will be announced by September 1, 2023.

At the latest one day before the Winsemius Awards Event the jury will make their final decision and deliver a written report to the Winsemius Steering Committee. During the Winsemius Awards ceremony the winners will be revealed.



Red Orange Award: 

Liz Ng-Tan

Senior Trade Officer at Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Singapore

Jair Smits

Managing Director at Witteveen+Bos South-East Asia

Ramon Martinez

Vice President Global Projects at Vopak

Ghislaine Nadaud

Senior Sustainable Investing Specialist at Robeco

Outstanding Business Award:

Astrid Seegers

Head of Innovation at Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Singapore

Jeroen Vaassen

Founder & CEO at Yerun

Oesha Thakoerdin

Member Board of Directors at WEnergy

Terence Quek

CEO of Singapore Institute of Directors

Community Impact Award:

Emilie Rost van Tonningen

Agricultural Policy Advisor at the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Singapore

Afke Hemmes

Interim Head of Sustainability

Jens Ruebbert

President of EuroCham

Xiao (Matthew) Hu

Professor at Nanyang Technological University