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Are you a Dutch entrepreneur looking to thrive in Singapore? You’re in the right place! Our community is dedicated to supporting and empowering entrepreneurs like you, providing the resources and connections needed to achieve business success.

Here’s what we offer: interesting content, valuable connections, and a vibrant platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and collective growth. We specifically cater to founders, entrepreneurs, and leaders of startups, scaleups, and SMEs, whether they’re already based in Singapore or planning to expand from the Netherlands.


Engaging activities

We believe in practical, hands-on learning that sparks inspiration and stimulates your entrepreneurial mind. That’s why we curate a series of interactive events, both online and offline, focusing on topics and challenges relevant to your day-to-day business endeavors. These events are designed to foster engaging discussions and facilitate the exchange of knowledge. We connect with the local and Dutch ecosystems during dedicated conferences and engage visiting experts to further enrich our community’s experiences.

Additionally, we host dedicated small roundtable sessions where you will have the opportunity to share specific challenges you’re facing. By connecting you with industry experts, we aim to uncover potential solutions and offer valuable guidance tailored to your needs.

For quick and easy collaboration, our WhatsApp group serves as a hub for members to ask questions, contribute insights, and provide support to fellow entrepreneurs. Together, we can nurture and expand our businesses.


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