Energy efficiency study by CFP Green Buildings

CFP Green Buildings offers a unique opportunity for the real estate sector in Singapore, particularly targeting building and hotel owners. They are conducting an in-depth energy efficiency study to assess and enhance the energy performance of buildings across Singapore. Our mission is to drive sustainability and cost-effectiveness in our urban environment. Here’s an opportunity for you to be a part of this transformative journey: 

Participate in an Exclusive Energy Efficiency Scan – At No Cost


Join us and gain:

  1. Comprehensive Report: Receive a detailed analysis outlining potential retrofit measures for your property.
  2. Investment Insights: Get an estimation of investment costs linked to these retrofit measures.
  3. Savings Projection: Discover the annual savings potential that these energy efficiency measures can bring.


Special Focus for office buildings:

We will conduct a tailored quick scan for offices (also just individual floors of a building) to identify key areas for energy savings and operational cost reduction, leading to a significant decrease in carbon emissions.


Why Participate?

This study is not just about creating a greener Singapore; it’s about bringing real, measurable benefits to property owners like you. By joining, you contribute to the larger vision of sustainable urban development and gain valuable insights to optimize your property.



If you are a building or hotel owner or know someone who fits this profile and is keen on embracing sustainability, please contact Liang Tan, Regional Director Asia Pacific. Your involvement can significantly impact our collective journey towards a more sustainable and cost-efficient urban landscape.


About CFP Green Buildings

The mission of CFP Green Buildings is making all buildings and homes more sustainable. CFP started as a consultancy and has translated the successful experience with more than 30,000 buildings into online tools for everyone. This enables anyone to make buildings more sustainable with their own suppliers, contractors and bank. As a result, the entire construction sector is now able to become more sustainable itself. The CFP Green Buildings Tool supports over 1,800,000 buildings and houses per year in 20 countries to become sustainable.