Meet our new corporate member: CFP Green Buildings

How is the company helping to build greener buildings?

Our mission is making all buildings and homes more sustainable. CFP started as a consultancy and has translated the successful experience with more than 30,000 buildings into online tools for everyone. This enables anyone to make buildings more sustainable with their own suppliers, contractors and bank. As a result, the entire construction sector is now able to become more sustainable itself. The CFP Green Buildings Tool supports over 1,500,000 buildings and houses per year in 20 countries to become sustainable.


What drove you to set up the company?

Our planet needs massive carbon reduction and resource preservation. CFP Green Buildings was founded to empower all stakeholders in buildings and homes to make green decisions. Our goal is to reach ten million buildings within three years from now.


What is the biggest challenge the company has faced? Are there any learning points for the rest of the industry?

The biggest challenge is to grow from incidental sustainability to a system’s change. CFP Green Buildings has combined hands-on experience with scalable online technology. We invite everyone who wants to learn the best practices.


What do you think can be done to move the needle towards built environment sustainability?

We need to share best practices with innovation, technology and marketing for maximum scale. With millions of decision makers and hundreds of thousands of suppliers, both demand and supply are fragmented. Large institutions like banks and utilities can work with online tools, for example the CFP Green Buildings Tool, for significant carbon reduction, value creation and protection of the clients’ investment in their property.


How does the future of our built environment look like to you?

The built environment is still quite traditional. In order to make all buildings and homes sustainable, we need digital twins of every asset. CFP Green Buildings has created algorithms and databases towards this goal. These tools enable both owners and suppliers of real estate to massively improve sustainability in buildings with less traditional, limited time restricted engineering work.


What’s next for the company?

As part of our mission, our aim is to keep innovating and offering the Green Buildings Tool across the globe. Therefore, we will develop new features and algorithms to adjust to and solve global challenges with local specifics. With Singapore as a launching platform, CFP Green Buildings will deploy the Green Buildings Tool in Singapore, Hong Kong, China and other countries in Asia. The launch of CFP Green Buildings Tool in Australia has already started.


Please find CFP Green Buildings here.