Mind Map Digital Marketing Masterclass

Made possible by our member Alexis van Dam

Have you missed the B2B Digital Marketing Masterclass by Daniel Heerkens (2Stallions) from last week? We have got you covered. Our member Alexis van Dam has made a mind map of the entire webinar. This mind map is a diagram that visually organizes all the information that has been said during this masterclass. 

What was the Masterclass about?

As a B2B marketer you have some knowledge of digital marketing principles but need to be able to develop and apply this to delivering your overall B2B business objectives. How do you integrate B2B digital marketing? How do you use digital to support B2B branding and awareness campaigns, lead generation and nurturing objectives? How do you roll-out digital marketing to the business during the Covid-19 crisis? All participants have learned more about how to: 

  • Use digital marketing at different stages in the B2B customer lifecycle from awareness and early need recognition through to developing business with customers
  • Integrate digital marketing into existing B2B marketing processes, and how to integrate offline with online to achieve marketing objectives.
  • Leverage digital marketing and applications to generate and nurture leads, how to create content and how social media can be applied to support B2B business objectives.

Click here: B2B Digital Marketing Master Class by Daniel Heerkens