If you live in Singapore and want to be part of the Dutch/Singaporean business community then being a member of DutchCham is your ticket to a broad business network.

There are multiple reasons to become an DutchCham member for companies and business professionals, here are just a few of the many benefits we can offer:​

Professional Members

As an DutchCham Professional Member you benefit from: ​

  • Complimentary access to our events (approx. 50 per annum) or for discounted member prizes
  • Connect with 750+ members and 100+ company members on a business and social level ​
  • Acquire and share valuable business insights, trends and opportunities through our events​ and (ASEAN) network
  • Strengthen and expand your network in the region to increase your business exposure​
  • Opportunity to play an active role in a community of your area of expertise or interest
  • Members are invited to speak and share their expertise through the year
  • Join exclusive events hosted by one of the six Dutch Chambers in the ASEAN region
  • All members receive complimentary listing in the DutchCham online member directory which gives you access to a divers member base of young- and senior professionals​
  • Subscription to our e-newsletter with invitations to events and the latest chamber news to keep you up to date
  • Enjoy exclusive member offers through our Member Benefits Program​

Young Professional Members (<30)
As an DutchCham Young Professional member you benefit from the same benefits as a Professional Member, and that for a discounted price. This way we hope to stimulate the younger businesspeople under 30 to connect with us for a price that better fits your wallet. Are you under 30 and a young professional? Then join our Young Professional community and benefit from this affordable membership to broaden your business network, build up useful connections and have access to a great variety of social and business events. If you’re new in Singapore than this is a great way to meet new fellow professionals, broaden your business network and meet new people. You can join all our social and business events for members.

Corporate members
On top of the benefits of a Professional Membership, as a DutchCham Corporate member you can benefit from: ​

  • Entitled to appoint 4 nominees* on behalf of your company
  • Hosting of industry/topic related events or company visits, which will be fully supported by the DutchCham executive team
  • Increase your brand and/or company awareness and expand your network
  • Co-determine the events calendar with relevant topics by playing an active role in one of our communities.
  • If interested we can share company related articles and publications via our communication media (social media, e-newsletter and website)
  • If interested a feature of your company and/or individual interview in our DutchCham e-newsletter
  • Co-host or join exclusive events hosted by one of the six Dutch Chambers in the ASEAN region
  • New corporate members will be featured in our e-newsletter and social media platform (LinkedIn)
  • Listing open job positions on our vacancy page
  • Priority table booking for our exclusive events e.g. Winsemius Awards
  • Discounted advertising rates​ and priority sponsoring of events

Orange Membership
For those who want to connect with other senior leaders of other corporates or key local partners (e.g. EuroCham, Government) and who want to play an active role in the Dutch business community in Singapore, this top membership is the best fit for your company. As an Orange Member you are entitled to one seat in our Orange Council and to appoint 10 nominees. This is interesting for your employees who are interested in joining our network and in taking an active role in one of our communities as a representative of the company. This allows you to co-determine our events calendar.

On top of the benefits of a Professional and Corporate Membership, as an DutchCham Orange member you can benefit from the following:

  • Entitled to appoint 10 nominees* on behalf of your company
  • Connect with other senior leaders of other corporates or key local partners (e.g. EuroCham, Government)
  • As Orange Member you are entitled to a seat in our Orange Council
  • Invitations to C-level Round Table events
  • Members of the Orange Council cooperate with us in shaping the future of our organization, help us with the direction and decision making process fornew projects, and areas to focus upon and further develop
  • Complimentary exposure of your company logo in our DutchCham e-mail signature, logo with clickable link on our DutchCham landings page, Orange Members banner on all DutchCham events (50+), company logo on all editions of e-newsletter and event e-invitations

*Nominees are seen as professional members and have complimentary access to our events (or for member prizes).

Couples Membership:
This membership is applicable to two new (professional) members (spouses) or if one of the two is already a professional member his/her spouse can join for a couples membership prize. As a couple member you will enjoy all the benefits from a Professional Member (see above).